Tears of Sorrow & Joy

This week has been one of the most emotional weeks of my life with the passing of my beautiful mate Zoe. Today is a mixture of tears of sorrow and joy as I've just returned from a meeting at Plant 4 Bowden, so I'd like to share some of the joy.

Plant 4 - Bowden


Since completion of the successful Plant 4, work has begun on the development of Plant 3 and MiCycles has been invited to set up a semi permanent stall to provide bikes for sale, hire & test rides. The space is amazing and this potential to expand the reach of the business without setting up a complete new shop has been on my mind for some time. The initial trial plan is to open Wednesday & Saturday arvo/eve to coincide with the Plant 4 markets.

Plant 3 - Under Development


On the ride back along Gibson street and over the fantastic new Holland St pedestrian/cyclist bridge, I stopped to chat to some workers about the work being done on the Outer Harbour rail line. I knew something was underway, but thought only an underpass under Park Tce to free up traffic congestion turning right at the Entertainment Centre intersection. 'Underway' being the operative word, the work is part of the Torrens Junction Rail Project which not only goes under Park Tce, but includes a 1.4km stretch of lowered rail line with a brand new Bowden Station, pedestrian & cyclist paths and a freight train line crossover point to improve the flow of the Melbourne-Adelaide-Perth rail line. This put an immediate smile on my dial as I rode off.

Torrens Junction Rail Project

Torrens Junction Rail Project - Map

I have always thought... to live in Adelaide you need patience. Progress is slow but steady. When things are done they will be state of the art in 'the state of the arts' (hahaa, see what I did there?). We are entering an era of unprecedented change in this world, with the end of our dependance on oil and coal and the re-emergence of electric vehicles that integrate seamlessly with homes to be charged from solar and other renewable energy sources. I digress, but now back to the story.

Lastly... Yesterday MiCycles was approached by a developer from Port Adelaide who has started an interesting housing development inside a dis-used warehouse. The plan has always been to become part of the scene in the Port and it looks like that may be about to happen. More on that as it progresses.

Love this City.

Eternal Love for Zoe. RIP Beautiful Sister xo

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