So long no Blog!

A big hello from MiCycles! Electric bikes have now entered the market place in full swing with manufacturers supplying eBikes to suit everyone's needs from your 'Pop down the shops' to 'Urban Commuter' and even something to suit the 'Wanna be Hipster pretend Fixie' type eBike.

MiCycles prides itself on supplying and servicing quality brands of eBike and we have noticed an increase in disgruntled customers who have purchased online or purchased 2nd hand.

A few inherent problems arise from these kind of purchases;

Purchasing a bike online from an interstate supplier often means receiving your product in a box unassembled. The eBike can't be returned for any minor adjustments to suit the rider or to tension spokes, gear cables etc...

Any warranty issues means the bike will need to be shipped back to the supplier often at the customers expense.

Buying 2nd hand can turn out very costly. Unless you have evidence of how many cycles (full discharge and recharges) the battery pack has had you may be entering costly territory as replacement costs can be more than the purchase price of the bike (average $450-650).

Beware buying a bike without a charger or keys for obvious reasons.

MiCycles provides peace of mind on your investment and to me that means Happy Pedalling!

The 'Wanna be Hipster, pretend Fixie' type eBike

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