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As part of our commitment to sustainability, here at MiCycles, care is taken to re-use or recycle as much of the packaging as possible that enters the shop. Pictured is an example of the amount of packaging that comes with a typical eBike. The little pile in the bottom left corner is the amount of waste that ends in in the bin. On the right shows a neat little trick to re-use cable ties. You just snip off the tail before the cable tie head and pull it through. The cut off tails i am collecting to eventually put through a shredder and then through a 3D printer. The bubble wrap will be collected for re-use or if unuseable taken to Coles for the soft plastic recycling program (i won't go there for anything else i might add :).

If anyone would like bubble wrap or cable ties let me know.

'MiCycles sells e-cycles by the city side... MiCycles recycles and does so with pride!'

Dyson Recycle.jpg

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