Urban Mover! Tried & Tested. A True Testament to a Trusty Treadlie.

MiCycles is a proud supplier of the Urban Mover range of electric bikes. Located in Thebarton, Adelaide, it was a pleasure to have a customer return after 2 1/2 years for a quick tune up.

Kathy rides 4 days a week approximately a 20-25km round trip. The Panasonic Li-ion battery pack still provides around 25kms on a charge (30km range when new). This little beauty gets ridden rain, hail or shine and apart from a dry chain and worn brake pads there was not much else wrong apart from the regular servicing.

MiCycles now has in stock the latest range of Urban Mover electric bikes boasting a range of up to 80km's, with more power from the 250W hub motor.

When it comes to purchasing eBikes it pays to go for a quality product from the start as this bike is a tried and true testament.

Ta ta for now,


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