Grand Opening Delays, 20yr Anniversaries & Long Life Friends!

Well... The 20yr anniversary has come and gone... in a flash and the planned opening party is approaching this weekend. It seems though, that my ambitions far outweighed my abilities.

The side yard is a pile of rubble and bare dirt, not the best surface for dancing on. My executive decision therefore is to postpone parties until the dancfloor is ready.

On a lighter note though, i had a visit from one of my dearest customers Gil Pearson. Gil has a hard time hearing as he was a tank driver in the war, but he has no trouble riding his electric bike and he is 90 years old!! I have been looking after this fella's bikes for a few years now and he never ceases to amaze me with his stories. He was riding up Norton Summit road a few years ago passing the lycra clad racers on his way. He dropped his latest machine in for a service a month or so ago and when i rang for him to pick it up his wife said "oh, unfortunately he is in hospital and things don't look good" I arranged for his son to pick the eBike up and who turns up at my door yesterday, just for a visit to let me know he's ok? Gil 'the living legend' Pearson.

It doesn't matter your age. All that matters is getting on yer bike and riding!



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