MiCycles Custom Electric Bikes

The growing trend towards electric bikes in Adelaide covers a wide range of bicycle types, ranging from step through scooters, hybrid commuter bikes, High powered mountain bikes and an increasing number of custom electric choppers.

I have had the pleasure of working on a few friends 'Choppee's' recently, carrying out some custom modifications to get them ready for the 'eBike Show & Shine' coming up on Nov.30th.

The awesome 'White Lightning' beast in the photo's had too much power once it's wheels were electrified and the old pedal back brakes weren't up to scratch. There was no disc rotor mount on the hub motor and no mounts for v-brakes on the chrome forks, so a couple of custom v-brake mounts were made.

There is one thing awesome about the power of electric bikes but it's another kind of awesome knowing you can stop the thing in a hurry if need be!


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