Commitment to Sustainability

My personal path to opening an electric bike store has been a long and enjoyable one. Part of my passion for electric transport in general is to persue cleaner methods of getting around. This sits alongside my passion for a cleaner more sustainable way of life which leads me to MiCycles "Commitment to Sustainability".

What this means is that all packaging that enters the building will be recycled wherever possible, including cardboard bike boxes, soft plastics including bubble wrap (local supermarkets have soft plastic recycling facilities), and hard plastics e.g. cable ties.

All depleted batteries will be taken care of responsibly (Battery World have battery recycling facilities)

In the case of items like cable ties, i don't know of any facilities that exist but i do know that 3D printing technology use a similar plastic and i believe they could be shredded and re-used in this process. Until i research this more i will collect all hard plastic items.

While hosting a bike tube repair workshop today it has been noted people would prefer to replace a punctured tube rather than repair them. This caused me some concern as the rubber industry is not a kind industry to workers across the world. The problem is similar to the tea and coffee industry where most of these industries exist in third world or developing countries.

So... i have decided to set up a bike tube collection facility and either repair the tube and re-use or find a responsible way to dispose of them.

Happy Days


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