Mic Chapman EV driver
Mic Chapman - Team Trev member

Hello and welcome to MiCycles - Adelaide Electric Bikes


My name is Mic Chapman and electric bicycles (eBikes) and electric vehicles (EV's) are my passion.

The evolving passion began with the very first ride on a bicycle & in my teens I was equally happy riding or fixing 'pushies' in the back shed at home.


My 20 year journey to realise a dream of owning & operating a bike shop 'MiCycles' began in 1994. The dream was put abruptly on hold due to bowel cancer. Since recovering & given a second chance, it was important to achieve as much as i could & every opportunity that arose so did my hand to say "I can do that!"


After receiving a diploma of Mechanical Engineering in 2002 & going on to study Renewable Energy Technologies at Regency College of Tafe, in Adelaide, an opportunity presented itself to take part in the 2003 World Solar Car challenge. This resulted in driving the winning vehicle 'Solar Car Kelly' across the finish line & a fascination with EV's and ultimately electric bikes.


After joining the Australian Electric Vehicle Association in South Australia, I discovered a team of enthusiastic individuals, who had constructed an electric car called Trev (Two-seater Renewable Energy Vehicle) & had been requested to take part in Zero Race, a 30,000km round the world electric vehicle race. I joined Team Trev, we modified Trev to suit the requirements of the race  & had the pleasure of driving  Trev part way around the globe from Switzerland to Russia.













Other acheivements include being part of a team breaking the Australian land speed record (unofficial) on an electric motorcycle VoS1 at 208kmh.


Currently Team Trev has been requested to construct a battery electric vehicle 'African Solar Taxi' to assist transporting pregnant African women from villages to hospital and in turn reducing the maternal mortality rate in that country.


So... after 20 years, the dream is still alive & after years of research, involvement in many amazing projects & the rapidly growing trend of eBikes this has allowed me to bring this dream to reality & open MiCycles - eBikes in Thebarton, South Australia.


I look forward to sharing this passion & continuing the dream to provide a cleaner, healthier, alternative transport solution.


Peace, Love and Chappiness!

MiC Chapman